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Why Choose Us


This hassle free process is completely confidential and 100% convenient. Not only can you avoid a visit to the doctor's office, you also are able to collect your sample in the privacy of your own home.

Certified Labs

All samples are sent to our trusted and secure labs. Our labs operate on accuracy and quality.

Physician Review

We work with a great network of physicians to ensure that your test results are reviewed and released in a timely manner.

How Our Testing Works

Purchase Kit

Purchase our simple and easy to use kit(s) to plan for the future, and to be closer to the healthiest version of you.

Collect and Send

SIMPLE! Collect your sample in the privacy of your home and return it in the prepaid shipping package.



What is the turn around time for results to end users?

Results will be emailed directly to the participant within 1  week of the lab receiving the sample.

What support does Healthtest.info provide?

Customer service support from beginning to end, initial and ongoing training, forms and instructions from the website, and more...

What is the turn around time for funds to be delivered to your organization?

After test results are delivered, payments will be made within 10 days to your organization.


What is required to be stored at the school?

No inventory required. Testing participants provide their own baggie for hair collection, print the form off the website and send the sample in their own envelope.

Does the School Nurse have to be involved?

No, the nurse is not involved at all.

What if a family discovers their child has an allergy or potential allergy?

We recommend reviewing your results with your Pediatrician, Family doctor or allergist for clinical direction.

Get Results

Your easy to read results will be released to you by the nurse in a few short weeks.